Power Dragonhunter with simplified rotation


Looping Rotation

This is your basic rotation, which loops. It's important that you fit in the burst skills inside of Spear of Justice, and thus do not use skills off cd, but pay attention to when they line up for your two bursts cycles. Your first burst is in between steps 1 to 9 and your second burst is in between 13 and 21. Make sure you know how to line up the burst skills properly during these stages. Rotation video is provided above as a demonstration.
  1. Sword of Justice
  2. Procession of Blades
  3. Spear of Justice
  4. Symbol of Wrath
  5. Whirling Wrath
  6. [Swap Weapon set]
  7. Symbol of Punishment
  8. Ray of Judgment
  9. Sword of Justice
  10. Symbol of Punishment
  11. Symbol of Punishment
  12. Shield of Wrath
  13. Sword of Justice
  14. Procession of Blades
  15. Spear of Justice
  16. Symbol of Punishment
  17. Ray of Judgment
  18. [Swap Weapon set]
  19. Symbol of Wrath
  20. Whirling Wrath
  21. Leap of Faith
  22. Binding Blade
  23. Whirling Wrath
  24. Leap of Faith


While this is a rotation that is meant to be easier to execute and keep track of than the standard rotation, there are a few things you should be aware of:

Gear and traits are the same as Snow Crows' version, just with a modified rotation.